Review of Independent Media

The Babe Rainbow

The Babe Rainbow is an Australian band from Byron Bay, New South Whales. They are an indie psychedelic band, that have gotten moderately popular throughout the last couple of years. The band consists of three men and each member looks like a hippy from the 70’s. The music that the band makes is of a high quality, but it is the way the music is produced that makes it so interesting, and has made it popular. It is a very typical Byron Bay sounding band, with the psychedelic rock sound behind it, and all the interesting noises that are used throughout the songs.

The types of guitars and bass that the band uses is what makes their music so intriguing. This is due to not many bands in the current age using these certain types of guitars and bass, as most bands just use guitars and bass’ like Fender Stratocaster and Martins. Instead The Babe Rainbow use quite unknown brands of guitars and bass’ including Vintage 1960’s Domino Californian Electric Guitar and Vintage 1960’s Airline Electric Bass Guitar. These instruments produce very unique sounding sounds, which makes the Babe Rainbow such an exciting band to listen to.


The Babe Rainbows music is very unique as in the modern day there is not much music that sounds similar to theirs. The names of their songs are also very unusual which makes them a bit more interesting, e.g. ‘secret enchanted broccoli forrest, and planet junior’. Their look is also very attention grabbing, as they are displayed as a bunch of hippies, and nearly pull of the look of the Beatles.


With their looks and brand of music though it makes someone think if they can get anymore successful then they are. With the most views they have on Youtube being around 200,000, it makes one wonder if they can be more of a success. Personally I believe it will be a struggle for this band to get anymore popular then they already are. In the day and age of music that the world is currently going through, this type of music doesn’t really seem to fit in to the popular music scene, as it doesn’t have the techno sound that most of the population love these days. On their website it displays that they have a fair few shows at Byron Bay, which means they have a quite a big fan base at Byron. I believe this reason is due to what people in Byron Bay are portrayed as (hippies). Outside of Byron though a lot of the population is very straight edge people that don’t enjoy psychedelic music. So being a critic I don’t believe that this band can get much bigger then they already are, even with their very interesting music.


Byron Bay Locals

Overall The Babe Rainbow produce very interesting music based on where they are from (Byron Bay). They use different types of instruments to produce their brand of music. You don’t hear the type of music that they produce much anymore, as it is quite outdated. The band is very interesting and I believe if they produced this type of music in another point of time they would be very popular, but in the time we are living in, this type of music doesn’t really fit in.







Curation Activity

Being an audio engineer, your mind must be creative and have a passion for music, whilst also having an appreciation for other forms of art. My Pinterest board called “things I like” has images of a lot of the things that makes me want to become an audio engineer.

Although not everything on the site is images of things related to music it shows the type of person I am. The cartoon image of the girl putting the square eye ‘thing’ onto her tongue, shows my certain appreciation for art. I find this art very interesting as there is so much going on, in such a small image.

The site also portrays a few of the bands in which I love. Fidlar, Sticky Fingers,Nirvana and Violent Soho are just a few of my favourite bands, but they all mean a great deal with my music taste. They all make different types of music, but show how I want to live my life. Having the happy lifestyle, even with all the bad things in the world. Fidlar stands for “fuck it dog life’s a risk”. They stick by this in their music a lot, with lyrics like “I don’t care if you think its cool, i’m fucked up and ditching school”.


Though all the bands have very different types of music, they all have the same meaning about life. This is something I find very interesting, as it demonstrates you can express the same meaning even with a different type of music.

A snapshot from the Simpsons is also on my Pinterest board. As honestly I have always loved the Simpsons and I find the specific scene very funny. It also has a meaning behind it about getting things done the easy way, may mean it’s not always the right way.

Although a few of the things on the Pinterest account are very different, I believe they all relate back in some way. Some way of ‘living life the right way’.

Future Predictions

The way people listen to music has changed a lot since the start. With people first using records (excluding live music), then moving onto tracks, then cassettes, CD players, MP3’s, and eventually where we are today, i-pods and i-phones (Timetoast Timelines, 2015) there has been a lot of ways to listen to music throughout the ages. The best way to listen to music is arguably live, though many people have different arguments. In general, a lot of people prefer and agree that the best way to listen to music is through a record player.  Though it was one of the first ways to listen to music, it is known to have some of the best quality when it comes to listening to music. Although majority of the world stopped listening to records when the Cassette was invented in the 70’s, I believe that listening to music on a record player is making a large comeback.


Nowadays everyone’s music is on their phone or laptop. This is very easy as all people have to do is click the download button and then seconds later they will have a new song or album on their smartphone or i-pod. Although this is extremely easy a lot of people nowadays don’t know of how clear and precise music is through a record player. With myself and multiple of my friends owning a record playing system, we all listen to a lot of our music at home on our record players, as we know first hand that music through the system is a lot more clear and pleasant to listen to. unnamed.jpg

I believe the process of records making a comeback has already slightly begun. As their are lots of pop up stores in Brisbane selling records. This is a sign that people are purchasing records throughout Brisbane, if not the world. Records are also very vintage, with old ones going on sale for hundreds of dollars. One of the main reasons records wouldn’t make a comeback is the price. To buy a record it costs around $25-$45, for a new one (vintage ones selling for a lot more).

I believe that in the near future, record players will make a major comeback. If people begin to realise how clear the music is on a record player, and how great the overall quality of record players are, they will no doubt become the new way everyone listens to music… again.

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Media use and Identity

The use of social media is forever growing. With more social media platforms being built every day, and younger ages beginning to use these sites, everyone in the 21st century is using social media is some way. The largest social sites for teenagers such as myself is Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, with most teens having all of these. I am not a very big social media user, though I do use Facebook and Instagram. I believe having one night of face to face interaction is a lot more efficient then talking every night on social media. “The more social media we have, the more we think we’re connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other” (Felicia Day, 2013). Although I don’t believe in connecting through social media sites is the greatest way of connecting with one another, I do believe that social media is one of the best ways to find out about social events. I tend to find nearly all my social events on Facebook.


I find Facebook is the best social media site as you can find out about so many different types of events. Myself personally, I find out about nearly ever gig on the website, as either my friends, or the pages of the artists themselves share the information of the gig on the site. It also gives all the information on Facebook about the event, including date, time, link to tickets and whether or not it’s sold out.


Skeggs Live Gig 2016

It isn’t only about finding the social events which make Facebook so important in my life. It also helps me discover new music. I have a very large taste in music, and through Facebook I have discovered a lot of my favourite artists. I have discovered artists like Fidlar and Skegss, two of my now favourite bands, through Facebook. This shows the major impact on what Facebook can do in certain person’s lives. Being unable to discover new music simply from scrolling through my Itunes library, Facebook is the main place I discover new music.

As I value live music, and discovering new music social media is extremely important. As without social media it would be very hard to discover these events and music. I primarily use social media for these reasons, and do not particularly use them to interact with other people.


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What brought you here?

“I think music in itself is healing.
It’s an explosive expression of humanity.
It’s something we are all touched by.
No matter what culture we’re from,
everyone loves music.”
~ Billy Joel ~


Everyone in some manner enjoys music, whether its a lot or just a tiny bit, everyone in some case listens to music. In my case, music has been one of the most influential items throughout my life. It has guided me through the hard times, and has made good times even more enjoyable. When I am sitting around with my friends talking, I always enjoy having music playing in the background, no matter the situation. I think it gives everyone a sense of emotion, whether it is happy or sad, it always make the environment somewhat more enjoyable.


The reason I enjoy music so much is; it is always changing. I would like to discover how to create new types of music and I believe studying a Bachelor of Audio will help me succeed in meeting this goal. Band music since music was invented has always been changing. From The Beatles, To Nirvana and to modern day artists Ball Park Music, it is very evident that music is always changing. The creation of music is what I find the most intriguing. The way in which people experiment with music is extremely fascinating to myself, and I believe learning how to do this would give me a career I would love.